Our Vision is inspired by the success of other non-traditional winter sport nations in their achievements at the highest level on the world stage and the continuing the development of recreational Winter Sports.

We are dedicated to supporting this vision by establishing a High-Performance Framework that empowers our elite athletes.
To develop this framework, we are exploring innovative ways to secure long-term and consistent funding while forging strategic partnerships with individual international coaches, key organisations, such as the Small Emerging Nations and the Lowlanders Ski Racing Team. To achieve these goals nationally, SAI is an integral part of the Winter Sports Strategy Group, involving the six winter sport associations in Ireland (Ice Skating Association of Ireland, Irish Luge Federation, Irish Ice Hockey Association, Irish Curling Association, Irish Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association)

SAI is investing in the growth of our organization, expanding our capacity and expertise, and implementing talent identification programs to uncover the next generation of winter sport champions.

At our core, we believe that with the right resources and support, our athletes can achieve greatness and make their mark on the world stage. By embracing new ideas and approaches, we are determined to turn this vision into a reality and take Irish winter sport athletes to the next level.