Cross-country skiing is one of the oldest skiing sports, and is a sport with a long history, dating back to Viking times when it was used as a mode of transport as well as a means for hunting in the winter months in Nordic countries.

It is a low impact sport and is easily learned, with no boundaries for age, gender or fitness level. Cross country skiing is truly a ?sport for life? ? in that participation is open to any age group.

Thomas Maloney Westgaard
(high performance Cross Country skier) competing in World Cup races.

Cross Country Skiing in Ireland

Cross Country Skiing in Ireland is affiliated to FIS, through the Snowsports Association of Ireland and its aims are to:

  • Promote Irish participation in cross country skiing

  • Provide coaching and development opportunities for youth in the sport

  • Support the national team members and facilitate Ireland’s representation at FIS, World Championship and Olympic events

National Representation

Irish athletes have competed at every Cross Country World Championships, which are held bi-annually since 2003. Cross Country athletes have also represented Ireland at the Winter Olympic games since 2002.


There are no CC races held in Ireland currently, but the opportunity exists to organize roller ski events. The event calendar of gives a comprehensive list of races as well as ski marathons throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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